Obrada metala
Pogledajte široku paletu ponude strojeva za obradu metala te se i sami uvjerite u neizmjernu kvalitetu proizvoda.
Obrada drva
Obrada drva u vašoj radionici nikada neće biti zabavniji i lakši uz kolekciju strojeva iz naše ponude.
Obrada lima
Široka ponuda strojeva za obradu lima od polu-profi do profy linije.
Oprema i strojevi za transport.
Široki asortiman alata i opreme strojeva za obradu drva i metala.
Tuesday, February 07, 2023


T 500 PR (Code: 09-1245)
The ideal table spindle moulder for craftsmen looking for a combination of high performance and precision at minimum space requirements. Comes complete with roller table to raise user comfort significantly.
T 500 PF (Code: 09-1251)
The T 500 PF - an enhanced version of the T 500 PR model - features a sliding table to widen the range of applications enormously and make it an attractive option for experienced amateurs.
T 1300 (Code: 09-1310)
The T 1300 table spindle moulder design was particular high saftey standards and user-friendly operation in order to create good working conditions and guarantee optimal user comfort. The solid grey cast-iron and steel construction ensures durable quality and precision for a lifetime.
T 750 - 230 V (Code: 09-1265)
The T 750 spindle moulder is the perfect combination of quality at a moderate price. The milling spindle tilts from -5º to +30º, the extensive range of standard equipment as well as the optionally available roller table make this model immensly popular for various types of milling operations.
T 800 F - 230 V (Code: 09-1279)
The T 800 F is a reliable spindle moulder with tilting spindle providing outstanding quality at a relatively low cost. The extensive range of applications and optimal work comfort were factored into the design of this model, as well as high safety standards and a user-friendly operating method.
TS 1300 TC (Code: 09-1315)
The TS 1300 TC is a heavy spindle moulder with tilting spindle featuring a tenoning carriage to make these model suitable for a wide range of applications. Achieve perfect results with this model -whether it is profile trimming, shape milling, rotary milling or copy milling.
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