Obrada metala
Pogledajte široku paletu ponude strojeva za obradu metala te se i sami uvjerite u neizmjernu kvalitetu proizvoda.
Obrada drva
Obrada drva u vašoj radionici nikada neće biti zabavniji i lakši uz kolekciju strojeva iz naše ponude.
Obrada lima
Široka ponuda strojeva za obradu lima od polu-profi do profy linije.
Oprema i strojevi za transport.
Široki asortiman alata i opreme strojeva za obradu drva i metala.
Saturday, April 17, 2021


CWM 150 (Code: 09-1249)
The CWM 150 is a handy, universal combi-machine offering a a large range of applications: planing, thicknessing, sawing, milling, drilling.The small and compact construction makes this model ideal for amateurs.
CWM 250 R (Code: 08-1256)
The CWM 250 R is versatile universal combi-machine that come complete with a roller table. Compact construction makes these model attractive for craftsmen and amateurs.
CWM 250 Top (Code: 08-1260)
The CWM 250 Top is versatile universal combi-machines that come complete with a roller table. This model features a larger sawblade hence a larger cutting capacity of 75 mm. Compact construction makes these model attractive for craftsmen and amateurs.
CWM 310 F - 2000 (Code: 08-1277)
The CWM 310 F universal combi-machine offers a large variety of applications hence ensures an attractive price-to-benefit ratio. The sliding table, featuring 2000 mm in length, the scoring unit which comes standard and the 3 spindle speeds are advantages that speak for themselves.
CF 410 F (Code: 08-1296)
The CF 410 F - 2600 wood processing centre offers an enormous number of applications and best possible performance for professional users. The combination of planer, thicknesser, circular saw, spindle moulder and mortising unit all in one, gives a wide range of applications yet requires minimum space.
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